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Welcome to the Higher Crown Of Glory Ministries(HCOGM) official website. In 2000 at the beginning of the New Millinium I launched out with an awesome and quite unique discipleship program called “Purity with Purpose” aka PWP which teaches the discovery of Biblical Purpose that originated in Tulsa, OK. The basic tenants of this program (Personality Profiles, Gifts Test, Meaning of Name, Male/Female Differences, Soul Ties, etc.) are typically taught in Counseling programs and certainly weren’t being taught in Bible Study or Sunday School at that time, so I obeyed the call of God to bring this type of teaching to the Dallas region. This discipleship program has graduated nearly 200 women from all walks of life. The seed which has been planted from this ministry has germinated and taken root and has brought forth much fruit that has remained. Many have been inspired to step out on faith and establish their own Ministries, to pursue Higher Education and even start their own businesses. For most it is the shear excitement of being able to write and articulate their ‘Life Purpose’ statements.
Our Ministry also operates under a powerful deliverance anointing that deals with the heart of issues that effect women such as:

  • Promiscuous lifestyles - using Sex as an instrument to obtain love.
  • Issues of Self Worth - Not allowing the opinion of others to define how we feel about ourselves
  • Health and Dietary issues
  • Spending habits and being a good steward over your finances
  • Being set free from past wounds and walking in forgiveness
On a recent Dr. Phil show he proclaimed “The way to achieve inner peace is to fulfill all the things you have started in your life”. On December 31, 2008 I received and 3-mail authored by Milan Ford who expounded on the significance of 2009. The number (9) means to bring a judgment or conclusion to. To bring to and end. I agree with Milan when he states that 2009 can be a great year, but may involve bringing an end to some things which can be painful but will yield great reward when we simply "Let Go And Let God”. Many today are faced with issues and challenges that we know is time to release and let go. Our Ministry is anointed and equipped to assist in the area of accountability and support coupled with dynamic teaching to empower Women to be all that God has designed and created them to be.
He that hath begun a good work shall be faithful to complete it until the coming of Christ.

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